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CNC USB Interface Board 4 Axis 200KHz  Mach3

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CNC USB Interface Board 4 Axis 200KHz Mach3


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บอร์ด CNC USB Interface 4 Axis 200KHz  Mach3





CNC USB Interface 4 Axis 200KHz Mach3

Item specifics
Brand Name: KTSM
Motor Type: Stepper Motor
Model Number: 4 Axis USB Mach3
Item: 4 axis USB Mach3 bracket board
Color: Blue
Weight: 0.45kgs
Port: USB Mach3 port
Size: 120x70x20mm
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Computer system: Win XP/2000/7/8
Frenquence: 200KHz
Model Number: USB MACH3 DDSM4V5.0
is_customized: Yes
Product Description
1. Products brief introduction
DDSMXV5.0 is designed by our Studio,it is a CNC system based mach3.It’s version is 5.0 now.You do not need to add other Hardware,and you can complete the signal conversion from the G-code to the movement of the stepper motor drive control. This card is compatible with most stepper drives and servo drives. And it is perfect weapon to replace mach3 parallel interface board. DDSMXV5.0 include DDSM3V5.0,DDSM4V5.0,DDSM5V5.0 DDSM6V5.0,they are 3/4/5/6 axes mach3 CNC card. These 4 cards use the same Hardware platformDDSMXV5.0.They are limited to 3/4/5/6 axes for different voice of customer .They use the same manual.
2. Computer system requirement  
Basic Configuration: 
1) CPU: 1GHz;
2) Memory: 512MB
3) 500MB Available disk space
4) USB 2.0
Recommended configuration: 
1) CPU: 2GHz Dual Core;
2) Memory: 2GB;
3) 1G Available disk space
4) USB 2.0
3. Production appearance
1) USB communication interface, and power supply for the board
2) 10 IO input, opto-isolated,It Can be configured to limit the emergency stop and other functions,all of them are 2edg port.
3) 14 IO input with no opto-isolated but with iso-IC. This port is set to IDC 2.54mm port.
4) 14 IO output with no opto-isolated but with iso-IC. This port is set to IDC 2.54mm port.
5) 2IO output with opto-isolated for spindle.
6) Up to 6 axes stepper-motor control port. Each port has up to 200KHz plus output
7) COTEX-M3 of NXP-LPC is main control chip.
New feature:
8) New design Aluminum shell make the system more stable
9) This system is equipped with RS2332 manual control box. You can use manual control box with this port.
10) Spindle control port has PWM Mod( 0% - 100% dutycycle with 12Vpp)and voltage Mod(0-10V)
11) Spindle speed feed back port-INDEX.
12) There is a power autostability system. When USB port overvoltage or undervoltage or within other EMI, this system can make power of system stable.
13) There are High speed interface chips,which make stepper driver signal more stable.
14) There is a USB protection chip,which can protect system within high voltage EMI
4.Detailed functional introduction
A. System input voltage 5V
B. Operating voltage of input interface with no opto-isolated:5V
C. Operating voltage of input interface with opto-isolated:12V
D. Operating voltage of output interface:5V
E. Stepper motor control signal output voltage:5V
F. Spindle Signal: 10V
Package include:
1 x 4 Axis 200KHz USB Mach3 breakout board
1 x USB Cable
Packaging Details
Unit Type: piece
Package Weight: 0.500kg (1.10lb.)
Package Size: 20cm x 10cm x 15cm (7.87in x 3.94in x 5.91in)


How to Buy
1. Order by Phone Call at
  02-9462590, 088-6447779, 098-2728196,
  - By informing Code
  - Check goods And confirmation
 -Customer transfers the payment. According to the account number listed.
  - Customers send in Shipping (via SMS or E-Mail).
  - The shop was SMS payment confirmation from the bank.
  - Pack and ship the product.
  - We'll get back to No. EMS, SMS or E-Mail sent to the customer.
2. Fax: FAX number is 02-9462590.
3. E-mail:
4. Ordered Via
  - Press the button to order / Order.
5. Order of the mobile SMS messages.
6. Contact via LINE by ID: samr0eng51624.
Payment Method
Customers pay The transfer through via ATM, Internet Banking, the bank or post office.
The account number for payment:
1.  Kasikornbank Sukaphiban1 A/C. 077-2-95479-4  Name: samroeng  
2.  SCB.Bank branch Nualchan A/C. 149-2-20858-7 Name: samroeng  
3.  Bangkok Bank The Crystal Branch A/C. 906-0-05943-4  A/C. samroeng  
4. Krungthai Bank Eakamai Branch A/C. 053-0-13522-1   A/C. samroeng  
5. Krungsri Bank Asok Branch A/C. 109-1-24108-4  A/C. samroeng   
6.  Kasikornbank Nuanchan  A/C.   984-2-13436-3  A/C. KTS Mall Co.,Ltd.  
7. Payment by credit card at the store. 

8. Payment through Paypal at A / c.
 * If customers have any doubts. After payment? To contact the restaurant directly. No Apologies This matters Would have ended by negotiation. And we will refund to the customer immediately. Without opening a web paypal dispute is a waste of time and credit of the buyer and seller.
 And for quick delivery. After payment, then call or send messages, Payment via the web. We acknowledge and make the check faster.

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