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Rotary Axis 4 Axis Rotary + Tailstock.

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Rotary Axis 4 Axis Rotary + Tailstock.


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Rotary 4  Axis Rotary ขนาดK11-80mm + Tailstock



Item specifics
Brand Name: KTSM
Number of Jaws: 3
Power: Manual
Model Number: K11
Reducing ratio: 3:1
Stepper motor: Nema23 stepper motor
Clamping range: Positive claw (2~30mm), anti claw (30~80mm)
Net Weight: 2.8kg
Condition: New
is_customized: Yes
Product Description
Belt type 4th A axis stepper motor Mach3 setting
A Rotary แกนที่ 4
A Axis ' Pluse Count of turning a Circle
Stepper Motor Sudivision x (360/motor step angle) x Reduction ratio(1:3)
= 8 x (360/1.8) x 3
= 8 x 200 x3
= 4800
Set steps per : Step / angle. So A axis travel in G code corresponding as angle.
Steps per = Step / angle
= 4800 / 360
= 13.33333
The belt type 4th aixs ratio is 3:1
Stepper motor is 1.8deg,200 pulse per circle,so 1600 pulse per circle under 1/8 microstep;
And the stepper motor rotary 3 circle the jaw chunk will rotary 1 circle;
So the stepper motor need 1600x3=4800 pulse the jaw chunk will rotary 1 circle(360 degree);
Then the jaw chunk rotary 1 degree need 4800/360=13.33 pulse,so the motor step setting as 13.33.
If you use the rotary axis as Y axis(curve surface change to the flat surface engrave)
It need setting the unit as mm after know the working piece cylinder diameter
Example: Ratio is 3:1
The cylinder diameter is 50mm,so the perimeter is 50x3.14=157mm.
It means the jaw chunk rotary 1 circle is 157mm,so the stepper motor rotary 3 circle(4800 pulse) is run 157mm.
4800/157mm=30.57 pulse run 1mm,so under 1/8 microstep the motor step setting as 30.57,1/16 microstep setting as 61.15.
Package include:
1 x set of 4th axis 3:1 (3-jaw chuck)
How to Buy
1. Order by Phone Call at
  02-9462590, 088-6447779, 098-2728196,
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Payment Method
Customers pay The transfer through via ATM, Internet Banking, the bank or post office.
The account number for payment:
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Rotary Axis 4 Axis Rotary + Tailstock.