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Rangefinder 18m. Digital

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Rangefinder 18m. Digital


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Rangefinder 18m. Digital



Ultrasonic Distance Meter with Laser Point CP-3007 rangefinder.
Ultrasonic Meter Ideal for families to decorate, calculate the area of ​​air conditioning. For Real Estate Agents
Or construction workers who need to measure the room and the room was quickly instrumentation and ultrasonic device that can measure the distance from 0.50-18 M. (1.5 ft -60 ft).
Ultrasonic machine will be released by the ultrasonic test will check from time to measure distances

According parameters:
Measurement range: 50 cm to 18 meters.
Error: More than one thousand.
Resolution: 0.01 m
Maximum distance is measured at 18 m.
The sum of the maximum distance: 180.00 m.
The largest area calculation: 18 × 18 square meters.
The largest volume calculation: 1800.0 cubic meters.
9 V battery (not included).
Open spectrum: 40 kHz
Accuracy: plus or minus 0.5%.
Resolution: 0.01 m
° C operating temperature: 0 ~ 50 ° C.

Product introduction:
Air Ultrasonic abroad is known as. "Electronic cassette" for building, decorating, engineering, etc.

User manual

Turn off
1. Press the MEASURE ON / OFF.
2. The device will automatically close if not press the button in 30 seconds.
1. Press MEASURE open
2. Press MEASURE to measure the value of the unit of measure desired location. The machine will show the measured value. (F seeding machines use the principles reflected that.
Shooting measure must be in the same plane. To view reflected back to the unit).
3. Press FEET / METER to change measurement units.
Note the screen will show about 30 seconds (or longer if you press the button).
Measurement tips
Some types of curtains and blinds can absorb a certain sound. Cause measurement inaccurate.
If you are measuring distances in a room with curtains, open the curtains before measuring. And keep the curtains on the rear window. and
Be sure to close the windows.
To keep the record
1. Measure the measurement and want to save.
2. Press STORE, then press the record button (M1, M2, M3). This will be our choice. Values ​​are stored to them
In the position we choose.
3. If necessary, store the measured value more, do as Article 2 of the M2, and M3 respectively.
4. To view the saved, press the M1, M2, M3 respectively.
5. To remove the M record for each unique value that has yet to record.
6. To remove all press ALL MEMORY CLEAR for about three seconds.
Note the AREA AND VOLUME can not be saved.
The amount (Calculating VOLUME).
To determine the amount of rooms, to measure the length * width * height of the room and save each of them in M1, M2, and M3.
Then press the VOLUME the volume of the room, it will show up.
To calculate the area (Calculating AREA).
1. Save the wider term in M1 and M2.
2. Press AREA, M1 and M2 of the area will show up.
Add / Remove The measurement is saved (Add / Subtracting stored measurements).
1. Measure the length x width then recorded M1, M2.
3. Press the M1, +, M2, then press the + button to add measurable value or.
   Press M1, -, M2, then press - to remove the measured value. The calculated value is displayed.
4. Clear the screen and other measurements will continue to press ALL MEMORY CLEAR.
The use of lasers
Laser measuring stick to determine. The laser turns off automatically after about 5 seconds.
Using light BackLight
The screen will light up when you press the measure.

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Rangefinder 18m. Digital